Truth about DesJarlais

You may have thought you knew Scott DesJarlais, but don’t be so sure…

Hearing on assassination of ambassador

DesJarlais says he shares our Conservative values but…

He supported two abortions prior to the marriage of his wife,

Got fines for ethics violations during his time as a physician,

And that isn’t even half of the story!

As you may know, Obama is destroying America with his liberal agenda and we need effective conservative leadership now more than ever in Washington.

Scott has let us all down by failing to effectively fight against Obama’s liberal policies.


I don’t know about you, but it makes me disappointed when people get caught in scandals and act like it doesn’t matter. It should. That’s why we simply cannot reward Scott’s moral lapses.


What is the best way to stand up to Obama and get a corrupt Congressman out of office you ask?


By showing Washington we mean business in Tennessee by voting DesJarlais out on August 7th!