I believe that life begins at conception and have a 100% pro-life voting record

Jobs and the Economy

I believe a successful healthy economy begins by getting government out of the business of creating jobs. We need to cut spending and end government mandates that prevent small business owners from expanding and creating jobs.


“As a member of the State Senate Education Committee for the past 8 years and as a former teacher and coach, I have been a huge supporter of education reform that promotes student achievement.” Supporting such bills as First to the Top, Tenure Reform, and Collaborative Conferencing. “I am also the Co-Chairman of the first in the nation STEM Education Caucus”


As the Chairman of the State Senate Transportation Committee, I believe that a solid infrastructure promotes job growth. Businesses look at your roads and infrastructure when deciding whether or not to move their company to Tennessee.

Key Legislation:

Immigration: Sponsored and Passed E-Verify legislation, which requires businesses in TN to check and make sure that the people they are hiring are legally allowed to work in the United States.

Welfare Reform: Sponsored and Passed Welfare Reform legislation which stops convicted drug felons from receiving Families First Food Stamp Benefits

Education: Co-sponsored and passed Education Reform legislation including First to the Top which promotes measurable student achievement measurements, Tenure Reform, and the end of Union Collective Bargaining

Transportation: Sponsored and Passed legislation to create the “Transportation Coordination Committee” requiring all state departments to work together and coordinate their transportation efforts which cuts waste and saves Tennessee taxpayer dollars.

Budget and Tax Cuts: Voted to eliminate the States inheritance tax- Passed.

Voted to cut the state sales tax on groceries- Passed.

Voted to pass a balanced state budget that cuts spending by nearly $1 billion dollars from last year while also cutting taxes by $50 million. It also provided funding for several key public safety initiatives, including tougher sentences for certain gang-related crimes and gun possession by those with prior violent felony convictions, along with mandatory incarceration for repeat domestic violence offenders.